The rise of ransomware is a hacking attack we all dread. Ransomware is a type of attack that locks a user out of his/her computer and/or files and holds them for a ransom. Often there is no choice but to pay the demands of the attacker or choose to lose your data forever.

These attacks can be unpredictable, inconvenient, and expensive. However, the good news is that there are some actions you can take to protect yourself from ransomware. Three key ways of safeguarding your devices against these malicious attacks are listed below.

#1 Update, Update, Update!

We all get software update alerts that pop into the corner of our computer screens, and oftentimes we ignore them. Although the update notifications can come at inconvenient times, try to make a habit of allowing updates to install as soon as they become available. Staying up-to-date on your software prevents hackers and ransomware from accessing your information through weak or out-of-date files.

Most computers allow you to set up automatic updating when you are away, so you never have to be inconvenienced by updates in the middle of your work day. Call ATS Digital for questions on  software and computer updates.

#2 Backup.

Set up a backup routine. There are several options for backup software on the market, and ATS Digital can provide for all of your backup needs. You should save copies of all your important files in case your computer gets infected. This can help you avoid paying ransom in the event of an attack, and get your files back safely.

Backups can be automatically scheduled for specific times, or can be performed manually at your convenience. Furthermore, to avoid losing the backed-up files, keep them separate from your computer. We recommend purchasing a flash drive or external hard drive to safekeep your files.

Keeping your backup files in a separate location from your computer will prevent ransomware from hacking those files as well.

#3 Stay Alert!

Beware of malicious third-party applications, and if possible avoid downloading them. Malware of all kinds can hide in these seemingly innocent apps. Furthermore, if you don’t recognize a link, or if a website seems untrustworthy–don’t risk the click! You likely are not the millionth visitor of that website and have not won a free Caribbean cruise. Install a cyber security program for each of your devices. These software programs keep a constant monitor on your computer activities and alert you to potential security threats.

Conduct your own research on the consequences of ransomware, and become a member with ATS Digital Services so our technicians can safeguard your files from harm.

Photo credit: portalgda via / CC BY-NC-SA