Do the woes of computer viruses extend to smartphones?

While it may be easy to think that the Android device you keep tucked away in your pocket is protected from outside harm, the truth is you need more than just some fabric to keep malware from seeping into your phone.

Malware is a broad term that encompasses all sorts of malicious code. A virus sits under the umbrella of malware, its goal being to get into your system and spread quickly. Its method? Attaching to a program and replicating itself. Viruses are an unwelcome and unfortunately common computer malware. But can a virus make its way into an Android phone?

To the best of public knowledge, there are no documented cases of an Android device being infected by software with the self-replicative properties that are characteristic of computer viruses (not yet anyway). That said, your Android is just as susceptible to other types of malware as your desktop or laptop!

How can I protect my device from Android malware?

It is imperative that every Android user avoids downloading third-party applications altogether. These applications can be made by anyone, with any type of intentions, and distributed through various platforms. The ill-meaning developers of this type of software are creative, and they make it a point to design their product to appear legitimate. So you may never know if the app you found in the corner of the app store is credible or crawling with malware.

But avoiding these downloads is not an absolute guarantee that your device will stay malware-free forever. These developers are constantly coming up with new ways to invade your device.

Since Android malware is an increasing epidemic, reputable PC security developers such as AVG have extended their services to the mobile market. Alternatively, Lookout and Bitdefender offer premium options to keep your Android safe and secure.

If you are an Android owner, it could help to do a bit of research and find what works best for you personally to keep your digital companion in your pocket and out of the shop.

Photo via Visualhunt