Staff Gallery

Andrei Schendra

“I started to work with ATS Digital Services more than 4 years ago as a Tier I technician. I always loved technology and I am  happy to work in this industry. During the time working in this company I had the opportunity to travel abroad and help establishing a working relationship with our partner company that lead to work more with people and help them reach goals. This encouraged me to get the Six Sigma Green Belt certification  and get better at what I’m doing. Thanks to the opportunity given by ATS Digital Services I was able become the Client Service Manager and discover the direction I want to take in my personal career.”

Ryan Campeau

“I’m Ryan, and I started my career selling sodas to tourists at a theme park. Now, thanks to ATS Digital Services, I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional who knows all of the ins and outs of Windows. I build computers in my spare time, and develop apps to solve everyday problems. If you need a Star Wars trivia question answered, a tech problem solved, or your computer fixed, I’m the guy to ask.”

Robert Johns

“My name is Robert Johns and I am currently the In-House Technical Support Specialist for ATS Digital Services. I have been working for this company for 4 years. I started as a tier 1 tech while still in college and worked my way up to where I am through hard work and determination. I currently help train technicians for ATS Digital Services, including the technicians employed in Jamaica. I have a Microsoft Technology Associate Certification and a Comptia Security+ Certification. I also hold an Associate of Science degree, with a specialization in Computer Security and Network Engineering. I enjoy my work and love all facets of technology.”

Harold Sobers

“Sweating it out as a line cook on a kitchen was no future for me. One day a friend introduced me to technical work as a profession. From there my whole life changed. Working at ATS Digital Services has allowed me to hone my technical and managerial skills to make a decent living. I am now a Certified Microsoft Professional and have had the pleasure of sharing my experience with technicians in other countries. My passion for gaming and technology drive me and this was one opportunity I’m glad I didn’t pass up.”