At ATS Digital Services, our priority is addressing and resolving your technology issues and questions quickly and reliably. With over a decade of experience in the security software marketplace, our team can confidently handle the myriad of problems that home users and small businesses face on a daily basis. We understand just how frustrating technology issues can be. Think of us as your own personal help desk, without the excessive cost!


Our mobile service team can handle any iOs or Android questions and troubleshooting you may have. We offer repair, security, and problem resolution for every mobile device. Are you simply stuck on how to use your phone? We can help you with that too.

  • Repair

    No matter how expensive and sturdy of a phone case you buy, screens always find a way to break and crack. We are able to replace and repair screens, cameras, buttons, and more.

  • Security

    Are you worried about the privacy and safety of the data on your mobile device? Secure your system with our expert technicians, and rest assured your information will be safe.

  • Problem Resolution

    ATS Digital Services handles myriads of mobile problems that may arise. From discolored screens to crashing apps, give us a call today to restore your phone to pristine condition.

  • General Questions

    Did you get a new phone and are clueless as to how it operates? Have you had a smartphone for a long time but haven’t been taking use of the full scope of its features? We can teach, instruct, and help you in navigating through your mobile device so you can get the best usage.

    The limits of our mobile services do not end at iOs and Android. Contact us today for any mobile inquiry you may have!


Most tech support companies take your laptop or desktop computer to an office for days on end, and in the meantime you lose touch and fall behind on work, communication, and more whilst waiting for your computer to be returned. Not at ATS Digital Services! We care about your work and home productivity, and know that your personal computer can be vital to your everyday life. That’s why we come to you to resolve your problems in a quick and efficient manner. We also offer remote services, where we are able to log onto your computer from our office and fix any malicious viruses or slow connections; this allows you to continue utilizing your computer as much as possible during the tech support process.

  • Windows Services

    Our experts are knowledgeable and experienced in the Windows operating system, so we know the ins and outs of your laptop or desktop computer. Whether we come to you or we solve your computer distresses remotely, we’ll have your device up and running the way it was made to in no time.

  • Macintosh Services

    Our Certified Macintosh Technicians are able and available to quickly diagnose and resolve any issues you  may have with your Mac laptop or desktop computer. We can optimize your computer for the most efficient working speeds, repair broken keyboards, and much more. Give us a call today.


Your Windows, Android, or Apple tablet can be trusted in the hands of ATS Digital Services. Whether you have a problem that needs a solution, or just need help realizing the vast capabilities of your tablet, our technicians are on your side.

  • Problem Resolution

    Just as phones can experience a handful of unexpected issues, the same operating system on a tablet can also run awry. Call us for anything from glitching and crashing apps to failed system updates.

  • Repair

    Did your 6-year-old get syrup in your tablet’s charging port, or crack the screen in a temper tantrum? Broken tablets happen, and ATS Digital Services technicians are at your service to fix them in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Security

    If you use a tablet for work and worry about sensitive files becoming not so private, ATS Digital Services can work to secure your information.

  • Optimization

    Apps and games are half the fun of owning a tablet, but have you gone app-happy? Your tablet may be running slow due to an overload of cluttered files. We can help you to optimize your tablet speed without having to sacrifice all of the data on your device.

Digital Data Storage

The Cloud of data on your device can be foggy and hard to sift through. Let us teach you how to not only use The Cloud, but to take advantage of all it has to offer. We can help you to easily backup photos, videos, and other precious memories to The Cloud; then you can rest assured that if you lose your device, you won’t be losing your files.


Wireless routers can be a pain to set up for many consumers, and even more frustrating when your connection goes down. What’s worse is the rise of malicious ransomware–software that takes possession of your personal data and threatens to delete or alter it until a ransom is paid. Fortunately, our experts are able to assist you in protecting your network connection. Call ATS Digital Services to configure and troubleshoot your wireless router and internet connection today.

Home Device Connection

Whether it’s installing a speaker system in your family room, configuring a Bluetooth connection to your mobile device, or learning how to use a digital interface on your refrigerator, ATS Digital Services provides the service. Our digital technicians are available to come to you for any home device connection need you may have.

Truck Rolls

Out truck roll services are new and launching soon! If your digital support requires more than logging on to your device remotely, we will dispatch experts to assist you where you are. We can come to you for anything you may need–mounting a TV on the wall, installing surround sound speakers, and more.